Saturday Study - 6th Years ONLY


In preparation for the upcoming mock examinations, we are offering Saturday Supervised Study to 6th year students ONLY. This was offered to students in September, however due to insufficient numbers it did not go ahead.

We propose to offer Saturday study on the following dates:

Saturday 2nd December

Saturday 13th January

Saturday 9th December

Saturday 20th January

Saturday 16th December

Saturday 27th January


A minimum of 15 students is required for this option to go ahead.

Saturday Supervised Study will cost €36 per student.

Saturday Supervised Study will run from 9.30am until 12.30pm each day.

    • The aim is to provide a period of uninterrupted study. As such, participants must work in absolute silence, in a manner that will not disturb or distract other students.
    • In accordance with the Acceptable Use ICT Policy, the use of mobile phones during supervised study is strictly forbidden. If a teacher sees or hears a mobile phone or any internet enabled device (including headphones) during supervised study, the device including SIM card will be confiscated immediately and given to the Principal or Deputy Principal. Students will be sanctioned in accordance with the Acceptable Use ICT Policy.

Supervised study payments will be only processed via WisePay.

WisePay can be accessed by going to the school website (, clicking on WisePay & selecting the book rental option. Parents have been given WisePay log-in details.

By paying the supervised study fee, you are accepting the terms & conditions of supervised study.