SPC Choir

SPC choir began rehearsals for this year's program last Wednesday after school.

Rehearsals are 40 minutes a week 3:15-3:55 and the benefits to the student who sings are huge.

Notes can be given for those in supervised study, students will be energised and feeling good going in to study at 4oc after singing and having fun!

This year we have a competition in Drogheda in November, we won it last year we hope to win again this year!

We have a trip to Brussels in November also to sing in 2 schools and do a cultural visit of the city and of the city of Bruges.

We have a Christmas carol service and another competition in May as well as our annual prize giving ceremony.

Be good to yourself, join the choir!

See Ms. Olohan 🕺🏾💃🎼

benefits of singing 1

benefits of singing 2