Breakfast Club @ SPC

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This was the second morning.

Breakfast Club at about 8.10am before it got really going...#jampacked
Busy start to breakfast club, thanks to all who help this year, and so many others since the very first day when it was just hopeful idea....
Open to all students and staff.
Everyday from 8-8.30am
All made fresh onsite everyday
Donations only (50cent,if you have it)
No money today, some other day when you have it is good too.
It's built on trust, community and sharing at  the table of abundance.
Scrambled eggs
Pancakes (Vanilla,Honey & Lemon )
Mixed Fruit Salad
All sourced in keeping with Healthy Options
A special word of thanks to the Home Ec Dept for facilitating this growing venture.
Many Thanks,
Mr. Scully